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  • Overview
  • Connectivity
  • Solution
  • Development
  • Partner Service
  • ProductFinder
  • Enabling Wireless Connectivity toward M2M-IIoT Smart  WorldEnabling Wireless Connectivity toward M2M-IIoT Smart World

    •Core technology enabling wireless  connectivity for smart city/industry/business/Vehicle/Office/building
    •Long  term engaged  in embedded system HW , wireless technology, network protocol, Linux  kernel.
    •Experienced  R&D more than ten years with core competence capable of  handling various  projects.
    •Flexible business model , rich products, qualified factory, friendly SDK, meet all  partners’ requirements

    Complete Product Portfolios  Realizing Ubiquitous Access  Complete Product Portfolios Realizing Ubiquitous Access

    •Extensive product portfolio achieve ubiquitous access at everywhere for all devices 
    •Whole scope covers various wireless technology & function spec. to meet scenarios required
    •Scalable from stand-alone unit connectivity to sophisticated multi-level networking scenarios
    •Various form-factors, sets of interfaces and protocols supported to meet nearly all requests
    •High grade housing and fully certified to operate autonomously even in harsh environments

    Application Oriented Design Matching Industry DemandApplication Oriented Design Matching Industry Demand

    •Smart Cities infrastructure Building  for urban mobility, homeland security, & utility manage
    •Industrial automation capability to build wireless industry 4.0, devces SCADA & site monitoring
    •Unbreakable business continuity for distributed , unmanned self-service & mobile business
    •Enabling on the move vehicles non-stop IP  networking, WiFi hotspot and fleet management
    •Smart building wireless connection  in HVAC, elavator, ulility & seurity for remote supervision

    Versatile Connectivity Fulfilling All Scenarios RequirementVersatile Connectivity Fulfilling All Scenarios Requirement

    •Instant WAN extension for IP device/network or build access network for industries
    •IIoT device data logging & remote terminal ,monitoring network , & edge computing
    •Enables Vehicle Telematics  of IP networking, passenger WiFi and fleet management
    •WiFi function includes backhaul repeating , AP & Ez-mesh coverage extend & roaming
    •Multi-site manage includes out-of-band, VPN server and famous cloud connection

    Read More About What Connectivity AMIT Wireless Can Provide

    Full Wireless Spectrum Coverage from Local to RemoteFull Wireless Spectrum Coverage from Local to Remote

    •Total wireless convergence among  OT node, IT network, Edge computing to remote Cloud 
    •Whole spectrum LTE Cat 9/6/4/M1/NB-IoT for remote and LoRa/ WiFi/BT for local connection
    •Industrial  Compliance WiFi up to mega byte traffic providing whole coverage by various scenarios 
    •LPWA LoRa/NB-IoT/M1 resource-efficient solutions for all sensors data getting with long life

    Read More about AMIT Wireless Products Spectrum

    Various types of partner service get long term Win-Win successVarious types of partner service get long term Win-Win success

    •Extensive generic portfolios provide system integrator all type M2M IIoT requirements .
    •Flexible ODM service for network brand name company to achieve their market vision. 
    •Friendly SDK  for vertical solution provider quick integrates applications into devices .
    •Easy API for platform provider to converge application from platform, connectivity to devices
    •Connectivity modules & SBC edge computing  speed up  embedded system development .

    Flexible Policy & Friendly SDK for Customized DevelopmentFlexible Policy & Friendly SDK for Customized Development

    •Hardware ready products providing various SDK easily for developer integration
    •AMIT Turfan with versatile functions for simple application add-on effortless
    •ARM based HW by Yocto & Ubuntu for edge computing easily adapted to IIoT ADT
    •Cost Effective IIoT gateway for flexible OpenWRT developing with basic boot code
    •MP ready LPWA IIoT data logger with rich I/O easily integrated Arduino IDE application

    Read More About Which SDK Providded for Customization

    Solid Core Competence Leading Market Launch Solid Core Competence Leading Market Launch

    •Rich wireless connectivity portfolio: LTE-A, Nb-IoT, Cat.M, WiFi, LoRa
    •WAN redundancy mechanisms: Multi-WAN and multi-SIM Failover
    •Thorough security features: VPN, Firewall, IPS, certificates, authentication and access policies
    •Support for nearly all industry standard and widely used communication protocols
    •Remote management software and utilities for network administrators
    Read More About Core Technologies AMIT Wireless Own

  • Smart City IIoT Connectivity and AnalyticsSmart City IIoT Connectivity and Analytics

    Whole solution to achieve Smart City IIoT Connectivity
    •Data Acquisition: Whole LPWA portfolio with various interfaces can connect all kinds sensors & measurement

    •Elastic Edge : Gateway on the edge achieve data store, preprocessing and reaction with easy program tool 

    •Cloud Ready: Complete protocol like MQTT  easily to integrate with public & private clouds like AWS,Azure

    Wireless Connectivity Approaching Industrial 4.0Wireless Connectivity Approaching Industrial 4.0

    To provide wireless connectivity layer for industry 4.0 to achieve automation
    •Remote Monitoring: Rich topologies, interfaces & protocols connect various devices…
    •Cross Platform: Capable of OPC UA & protocol interchange easy for interoperbility…

    4G based Network Service for IT Infrastructure 4G based Network Service for IT Infrastructure

    To enhance IT infra-structure network service by redundancy WAN & remote management 
    •SD-WAN: Gateway at branch capable of SD-WAN technology to replace MPLS network..

    Secure & Robust Network for Business ContinuitySecure & Robust Network for Business Continuity

    To build  secure & robust network, capable of multi-site manage to ensure business continuity.
    •Multi-site Management: by network tool by SNMP/CLI or AMIT-NMS. SMS for instant setting 

  • Types of Partner Services and BenefitsTypes of Partner Services and Benefits

    Solution IntegrationSolution Integration

    •Network ready SDK of MP products for SW integration. More..SDK
    •API & porting service for platform & cloud integration. More..API
    •Programming tools Python, Java  for application added. More..Tools

    ODM ServiceODM Service

    •Professional service from full-RFQ to just re-labeling. More..ODM
    •Strong R/D with wireless M2M-IoT core competence . More..R&D
    •High quality & flexible  Made-in-Taiwan manufacture. More..Factory

    Embedded SystemEmbedded System

    •SBC based Edge Computing with network ready & SDK. Mode..SBC
    •Driverless wireless connectivity module providing. More..Module
    •MP alternative for Raspberry Pi & Arduino HW DevKit.More..MP HW

    Process for Types of Partner Services Process for Types of Partner Services

    Channel Partner Program-CPPChannel Partner Program-CPP

    If you are wholesaler or a Value-added Distributor

    •Commitment to develop fast growing Wireless M2M IoT market

    •Experienced in IT, Telecom, Automation, Vehicle, Smart city projects 

    •Relations and dedicate promotion to dealer, integrator & operator

    •It is welcome to join CPP as partner of AMIT Wireless.. Read More

    ODM Project ProcessODM Project Process

    If you are network branding, mobile operator, solution provider

    •You have specific RFQ to match your market idea, project solution

    •You want professional design & manufactures to achieve this demand

    •You need experienced project control & high quality production

    •It is welcome to kick-off ODM project with AMIT Wireless.. Read more

    SDK Service ProcessSDK Service Process

    If you are system integrator, solution provider, platform provider

    •You need to integrate application into MP product for total solution

    •You want to keep confidential for know-how and porting yourself

    •No matter you need local purchase or large volume direct account

    •It is welcome to apply product's SDK for your project.. Read more

    Module & SBC for Embedded System Design Module & SBC for Embedded System Design

    If you are embedded system developer, SW application vendor, Integrator 

    •You need available single board computer to save development time

    •You need wireless module to enhance current design with less effort 

    •You need transform DevKit HW, like Raspberry Pi, to MP ready product

    •It is welcome to buy Module/SBC from AMIT Wireless.. Read more

    Worldwide Partners and Benefits of AMIT WirelessWorldwide Partners and Benefits of AMIT Wireless

    Mobile Network OperatorMobile Network Operator

    • If you want buy products from local , please contact WW Disti
    • If you want kick-off ODM project, please read ODM process
    • If you want to select product for specific application, Read More

    Network Market Brand Network Market Brand

    •If you want kick-off ODM project with AMIT, please read ODM process
    •If you want to know what products AMIT have, please read "Product"
    •If you want to know capability & facility of AMIT, please read "About"

    Vertical Solution ProviderVertical Solution Provider

    • If you want buy products from local , please contact WW Disti
    • If you want to have SDK for developing, please read SDK service
    • If you want to select suitable product for application, Read More

    Software & Platform Vendor Software & Platform Vendor

    • If you want buy products from local , please contact WW Disti
    • If you want SDK for SW integration, please read SDK service process
    • If you want to select product for specific application, Read More


    • If you are willing to be distributor partner of AMIT, please read "CPP"
    • If you want to know more about products of AMIT, please read "Product"
    • If you want to select suitable product for application, read "Application"

    System Integrator - VARSystem Integrator - VAR

    • If you want buy products from local , please contact WW Disti
    • If you want to be AMIT contracted reseller, please read "CPP"
    • If you want to select suitable product for application, Read More

    Online & RetailOnline & Retail

    • If you want buy products from local , please contact WW Disti
    • If you want to be direct account of online account, please read CPP
    • If you want to select suitable product for application, Read More

    Embedded System DesignerEmbedded System Designer

    • If you want buy module/ SBC from local , please contact WW SBC Disti
    • If you want SDK to develop embedded system, please read SDK process
    • If you want to select product for specific application, Read More

  • Quick Search  
    Must- WAN&Uplink (multiple select,select for each WAN type)
    No-LTE No Wired-WAN No WiFi/LoRa 1*LTE Multiple LTE Ether-WAN VDSL SFP
    Wi-Fi Uplink(Client) LoRa WAN(Node)
    Must- Cellular Category (select only one)
    No Cellular NB-IoT Cat-M1 Cat.1 Cat.4 Cat.6 Cat.9 Cat.12
    Must- Wireless & WiFi (at lease select one)
    No Wireless/WiFi LoRa(Gateway) WiFi 11n -2.4G WiFi 11ac-5G WiFi 2.4G/5G selectable WiFi high power WiFi concurrent -(2*WiFi) WiFi -2*2
    WiFi 3*3 WiFi 4*4 WiFi Wave2 Zigbee BT
    Must- LAN (select at least one)
    No Ethernet Fast Ethernet Giga Ethernet with PoE-PD with PoE-PSE 1port 2 port 3/4/5 port
    more than 5 port
    Must- Field Bus-I/O (at least select one)
    No Bus-I/O GPS 1*Serial (RS232 or RS485) Multi-Serial (RS232 or RS485) USB Device 1*D/I Multi-D/I 1*D/O
    Multi-D/O 1*A/I Multi-A/I 1*A/O Multi-A/O OBDII CAN Bus
    Function VPN (Optional)
    Client Server Tunnel < 10 Tunnel(11~50) Tunnel(>51) No VPN
    Function: Field Communication(optional)
    Virtual COM Modbus IEC60870-5 OBD-II ProfiBus / ProfiNet I/O Event Handling OPC UA MQTT
    Data Logging
    Function: Administration(Optional)
    TR-069 SNMP
    SDK (Optional)
    AMIT Turfan AMIT Legato AMIT Arduino Public OpenWRT AMIT Ubuntu AMIT Yocto
    Cellular Toolkit Event Handling GNSS Device Link Power Control AP Manager