VPN RTU for Remote SCADA

  1. Instant IIoT Telemetry: multi-interface including Ethernet, RS232/485, multi-D/A I/O can transfer data real time or logging
  2. Reliable & Secure Transfer: with dual-WAN fail-over for non-broken & VPN tunnel between device  & NOC for secure
  3. Intelligent Protocol Conversion: Multi-role as Modbus master/slave/GW & conversion between TCP /RTU/ASCII.
  4. Multi-interface Data Logging: Can get data from multi-interface under various logging modes to transfer to NOC
  5. Smart Event Handling: By monitoring interface status change to send out the notification or alert via SMS, SNMP, and Email.
  6. Costless LPWA*: Optional LPWA models, Suitable for low traffic IIoT by scheduling data transfer or SCADA on-demand  access