LoRaWAN Node

  1. LoRa Node can do data acquisition, store and scheduling transfer to cloud analytics for IIoT application
  2. Compliance with LoRaWAN standard can work with  service provider and Lora GW come from AMIT or  3rd products
  3. Capable of Modbus RTU and configurable multi-I/O can connect to various I/O sensors & measure devices in the field
  4. Lowest power consumption under deep sleep when non data transfer can sustain battery life up to several years *
  5. Certificated anti dust and water proof IP65 housing  can be deployment everywhere , even rural or harsh area.
  6. Event wake up mechanism during sleep mode can handle external trigger event
  7. Arduino IDE easy for user application developing  and Mqtt for easy cloud  integration *
  8. *:Only for IOT400