4G WAN & Console Extender




1.Function: Provide 4G WAN & remote console/ Serial to IP connection for network or virtual communication  devices
2.Connection: Connect device Ethernet and RS232/console interface to gateway related interface  
3.Operation: provides WAN or Fail-over WAN for network device and extend device console to remote center via AMIT NMS virtual terminal. Supervisor can access console at anywhere  through NMS virtual terminal windows when need re-configuration or debug. It can also be serial to IP for P2P file transfer.
4.Security: Capable of various VPN technologies, be compatible with remote core routers to setup secure transmission
5.Management: It can be managed by AMIT NMS to show connection status and FW upgrade; or by 3rd TR-069/SNMP server
6.Benefits: Provide both 4G (fail-over) WAN and remote console within one gateway to ensure business continuity