Wireless IIoT Network

  1. Wireless IIoT network consisting of IIoT BSU(GW) & wireless node connect OT devices with control center for SCADA application
  2. IIoT BSU(GW) built-in wireless station including WiFi, LoRa & optional BT can allow multi WiFi/ LoRa node to connect in
  3. IIoT BSU can connect via multi-4G-LTE or EtherWAN with fail-over/ LB with remote or Ethernet /WiFi SFP with local NOC
  4. Wireless Node with optional WiFi/LoRa uplink function& serial bus & I/O interface can enable OT sensor devices data link to BSU
  5. Multi-SSID/VLAN/QoS function can  category network or group of devices for priority; Full VPN function for secure transmission
  6. Optional cloud ready platform for integration – including open Linux distribution, Cloud integration like Greengrass & Python tool