WiFi Backhaul - (M)P2P

  1. WiFi P2P pair of is used to extend connectivity  for wire un-reach area to well connection site to inter/intranet or control center
  2. Industrial compliance 802.1 WiFi with full function & multi-mode setting as repeating or WDS mode as WiFi P2P
  3. Selectable 2.4/5G WiFi can avoid interference when setting as 5G; or it can have more penetration when set as 2.4G
  4. Optional high power RF or add-on high gain antenna can extended coverage from 30M to more than 1KM depend on  antenna use 
    1. IIoT gateway with PoE-PSE Giga switch can enable WiFi backhaul for each  wire un-reached site based on WiFi P2P technology.
    2. Rich product portfolios can work at gateway side  based on POE WiFi AP & can work at devices side for scenario requirement. 
    3. High speed Giga switch is capable of high speed WiFi data transfer ; VLAN/QoS can setting each subnet with priority .
    4. Optional multi-4G-LTE or EtherWAN with fail-over/ LB & full VPN tunnel  can connect with NOC high reliable.
    5. PoE power control function can enable scheduling on/off or remote restart PoE attached devices when failed.