AMIT Enabling Wireless M2M-IoT


Product Overview

  • •Core technology enabling wireless  connectivity for smart city/industry/business/Vehicle/Office/building
    •Long  term engaged  in embedded system HW , wireless technology, network protocol, Linux  kernel.
    •Experienced  R&D more than ten years with core competence capable of  handling various  projects.
    •Flexible business model , rich products, qualified factory, friendly SDK, meet all  partners’ requirements
  • •Extensive product portfolio achieve ubiquitous access including Industry, Outdoor, Vehicle
    •Whole scope covers various wireless technology & function spec. to meet scenarios required
    •Scalable from stand-alone unit connectivity to sophisticated multi-level networking scenarios
    •Various form-factors, sets of interfaces and protocols supported to meet nearly all requests
    •High grade housing and fully certified to operate autonomously even in harsh environments