AMIT Enabling Wireless M2M-IoT

ITS - Cross Road

# 4G Multi-port RTU for Traffic Telemetry

# 4G IIoT Gateway Build Traffic Management Network

  1. Combo-LTE Gateway build IIoT network between traffic control center and traffic devices including 
  2. VDSL-LTE build intranet connection with control center with fail-over & un-geographic 
  3. Ethernet, serial interface connect to traffic light, speed sensor, IP-CAM, loop sensor
  4. Robust WAN: always connection & auto recovery mechanism
  5. Non-geographic limit: connect to WAN everywhere , even wire unreached
  6. Mobile broadband: can connect to inter/intranet for mobile objects
  7. WAN Redundancy can be fail-over when one is fail for high reliability
  8. High bandwidth WAN for
  9. Multi-WAN load balance for reliability & BW enhancement
  10. Multi-LTE: load balance for reliability & BW enhancement
  11. ISP fail-over: Redundancy mechanism switch to another when first ISP fail

# 4G PoE IIoT Gateway Enable Surveillance Network

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