AMIT Enabling Wireless M2M-IoT

4G/5G EtherWAN Extender


1.Function: 4G router can extend EtherWAN of router or Net-device to dual WAN of 4G & EtherWAN(xDSL) with mutual backup and setup VPN tunnel to  get highly reliability and secure transmission
2.Connection : Configure to EtherWAN and LAN. LAN connect to WAN of device. EtherWAN connect to modem or DSLAM
3.Operation: It can operate under various modes including NAT/Bridge/Fail-Over/LB according to scenario requirement
4.Security: Capable of full VPN tunnel technology, it can be compatible with various remote core routers to setup secure transmission
5.Management: It can be managed by AMIT NMS to show connection status and FW upgrade
6.Benefits: Dual SIM fail-over, compact, cost effective and variants with optional Fast/Giga Ethernet and 4G Cat4/6 to afford high speed requirement