AMIT Enabling Wireless M2M-IoT

PoE-PSE IIoT Network

  1. IIoT gateway built-in 4 port PoE-PSE Giga switch can setup surveillance network or WiFi hotspot network at instant
  2. Optional multi-4G-LTE or EtherWAN with fail-over/ LB for  remote or Ethernet & SFP for local NOC connection
  3. Capable of serial, I/O can provide field communication & Modbus function; Optional WiFi for local staff/client access
  4. PoE power control function can enable scheduling on/off or remote restart PoE attached devices when failed
  5. Advanced VLAN/QoS for prioritized network or group of devices; Full VPN function for secure transmission
  6. Optional cloud ready platform for integration – including open Linux distribution, Cloud integration like Greengrass & Python tool