AMIT Enabling Wireless M2M-IoT

In-Vehicle Network

  1. Working with 4G LTE mobile connectivity, AMIT in-vehicle gateways are able to provide real-time bi-directional communication for the electronic devices aboard.
  2. Equips with varieties of interfaces (including Ethernet, RS232, digital input/output, 2.4GHz/5GHz WLAN) which is most suitable to integrate other on-board systems.
  3. To integrate with passenger information system or signage, it can get the most updated data (such as weather forecast) from backend server.
  4. To integrate with door/light controller or other sensors, it can improve complexity of maintenance and prevent costly downtime of operation.
  5. To integrate with ticketing system and cashless payment, it can help identity authentication and complete real-time transaction.
  6. To integrate with on-board surveillance system, it can transmit real-time and high quality video to remote control center.