AMIT Enabling Wireless M2M-IoT


4G Modem

Why M2M 4G-LTE Gateway?

•Ubiquitous Access:  Any one, or device need to connect to internet at any place, instantly and no area limit.
•Coverage extend: Connection  without geographic limit, it can meet wide area M2M-IoT requirement
•Time to market: Easy to install, instant install with short deploy time to meet time to market competition
•Cost effective: Low install fee, low maintenance fee, cost-saving  according to data traffic requirement.
•Robust WAN: Enhance WAN as heterogeneous connection than just single wire to ensure highly reliability

What IDG Series can achieve ?

•IDG400: Plug & play cellular modem as WAN for machine or device with Ethernet, UART or USB interface.
•IDG500: Compact LTE GW enable fail-over, secure, high speed, WAN for standalone machine or IP network
•IDG700: Multi/Combo LTE GW extends high reliable , bandwidth enhanced WAN for IP network or machine.
•IDG761: Gateway build machine network at instant with fail-over WAN, LAN switch and WiFi access.
•IDG771: LTE-WiFi hotspot GW with high speed concurrent WiFi  and captive portal user authentication
•IDG851: Edge GW with multi-LTE & Giga LAN switch to build high speed IP network without geographic limit