AMIT Enabling Wireless M2M-IoT


5G/4G Remote Terminal Unit

What 4G IOT Gateway?

•Network Ready : Data exchange among IT/OT/RT wirelessly without geographic limit being for wide area  IIoT application
•IIoT connectivity: with rich field-interfaces and full path intelligent protocol conversion, it can achieve SCADA for IIoT.
•Rich Portfolio: including IIoT data logger, RTU for telemetry , gateway for site connection, and edge GW for data decision
•Toward Automation: Smart Event Handling for trigger and action automatic ; Data logging ensure non-broken transfer
•Highly Security : Fully VPN tunnel technology compatible to VPN server; AMIT InStanVPN tech. enables setting at instant.
•Robust Connection: Multi-WAN fail-over , dual-SIM  backup ,network monitor to keep alive and abnormal restart action. 

Why IOG Series can achieve?

•IOT400: LPWA data logger enables IIOT data acquisition & schedule transfer with  environment resist & long power cycle.
•IOG400: Serial based RTU with field & I/O interface used for standalone device telemetry under AMIT InstaVPN tunnel.
•IOG500: Compact RTU with both network & serial interface , it can be used for machine telemetry & out-of-band Mgmt.  
•IOG700: IIOT RTU with fail-over WAN and multi-field interfaces can support site telemetry under high secure VPN tunnel. 
•IOG761: Cellular GW between OT/IT/RT with dual-WANs and all-in one Wi-Fi, LAN switch, field device, I/O interfaces.
•IOG851: Edge GW with robust connectivity, high speed access networking, rich IIoT protocols , accessible database,
programmable SDK and smart event handling  can  afford to decision making automatically.
•IOG851-W: PoE-PSE enabled Cellular GW easy for IP-CAM deployment and also can be used for WiFi AP expansion