AMIT Enabling Wireless M2M-IoT


5G/4G Vehicle Gateway - VHG

Why Vechicle Cellular Gateway?

•Real-time Communication: A bi-directional data channel is getting more and more important for displaying the most updated information (e.g. weather info, bus schedule) on board or for mission-critical services.
•Courtesy On-board WiFi: Providing free Internet access has become an essential to passengers, and it is a key for increasing rider’s satisfaction. A good on-board WiFi solution also needs to cover high-density usage. 
•Location Tracking & Diagnosis: A central management platform helps fleet to increase productivity and  reduce waste. Remote diagnosis identifies a potential failure before it happens and avoid costly down time.

What VHG Series can achieve ?

•Flexible LTE and WiFi connectivity contribute a bi-directional communication while a vehicle is on  the move.
•VHG700: GPS, G sensor, OBDII/J1939 interpreter for fleet management and driving behavior monitoring.
•VHG760: Compact and cost-effective WiFi hotspot solution and secured connectivity for cashless payment.
•VHG87B, VHG87R: Con-current dual WiFi support high-density usage and captive portal on bus and rail.
•VHG87B, VHG87R: Equips multiple IOs (Ethernet, RS-232, Digital I/O) for building in-vehicle networking.
•Ruggedized design with MIL STD810G, IEC61373 vibration/shock resistance and  E-Mark, EN50155 approvals.