AMIT Enabling Wireless M2M-IoT


Channel Partner Program - Distributor

  • Increase Operation Profit
    • Team for efficient logistics management
    • Prompt order process & in time delivery
    • Tightly sales forecast & production arrange
    • Skilled communication  for customer relation
    • Regular business review to improve efficiency 
    Improve Business Productivity
    • Team for efficient logistics management
    • Prompt order process & in time delivery
    • Tightly sales forecast & production arrange
    • Skilled communication  for customer relation
    • Regular business review to improve efficiency 
    Catch Market Opportunity
    • Complete Product for M2M IoT to select
    • Well Channel Management avoid conflict
    • Closely joint product  and market activity
    • Market develop founds  for  promoting
    • Quarterly review to validate business   
    Raise Customer Satisfaction
    • Tightly Quality system for  Low failure rate
    • Product warranty & efficient RMA processing
    • Training resource to  product knowledge
    • Quick response technical support  for issues
    • In time service to handle Customer complain
  • Business Goal
    • Minimum sales quota as business goal
    • Incentive rebate for goal achievement
    • Disti should do best to achieve goal
    • Vendor should fully support to create market and fulfill requirement
    Sales Forecast
    • Disti provides 3 month rolling forecast:
    • Figure adjustment per month
    • Shorten lead time based on forecast
    • Market activity to reach forecast
    Business Review
    • Regular management meeting to evaluate
    • Review based on Business Manage System
    • Review cover sales, product , project, service and marketing
    • Review item  include status, improve, strategy
  • Technical Support
    • Two level top-down tech support
    • Disti provides level-1 support to clients
    • Vendor provides level-2 support to Disti when beyond Disti knowledge 
    • Various domain tool  including knowledge pool, responsive tools and product update
    Education &Training
    • Online Video sales and technical training
    • Regular technical seminar  hosting by vendor
    • Onsite sales and tech training by special request
    • Access to online sales tool and market resource
    • Product regular update for new function & feature
    Customer Satisfaction
    • Complaint Handling
    • Satisfaction investigation
    • Customer relation management
    • Done by both Vendor and Disti
  • Finance Facility
    • Constructive and mutual commitment
    • Tightly shipment control by credit check
    • Rule based credit limit and auto upgrade
    • Credit limit based on trade history, sales forecast, insurance amount, payment record
    Order Shipment & Acceptance
    • Standard procedure and dedicated service
    • Prompt order process & in time delivery
    • Flexible order volume avoid inventory risk
    • Tightly shipment control by credit check
    • Mil-Std quality criterion for acceptance
    • In-time handling for quality claim or DOA
    Warranty & RMA
    • High quality, low failure rate to RMA
    • 2 years long warranty, 2’yrs charged repair
    • Spare parts  swap policy efficient for RMA
    • Disti provide in time RMA within territory
    • RMA sorting and repair training  by vendor
    • Flexible RMA option convenient for Disti 
  • Value Added Price
    • Market leading product ensure profit
    • Solution based get value added profit
    • Quality oriented and brand image sustain
    Manageable Price Table
    • Partner specific price table  for channel management
    • Controlling VSRP Policy
    • Volume based price grade 
    Event Discount Price
    • New product early placement  discount
    • Big volume tender competition discount
    • Event promotion special discount
  • Strategy and Support
    • Done by Vendor
    • Market strategy define
    • Market development subsidy
    Marketing Implement
    • Done By Disti
    • Continuous market activity
    • Market requirement feedback
    Direct Marketing
    • Email shot, direct mail shot
    • Advertising and media place
    • Public relation build
    Event Activity
    • Commercial event  workshop, road show
    • Special promotions for price discount
    • Charity event for public image build
    Internet Marketing
    • Where-to-Buy Hyperlink
    • Internet  announcement
    • B2B On line shop
    • Professional website register
  • Product Ready By Vendor
    • Vendor should finish product ready action for Disti
    • Roadmap of  products and solutions for Disti preview
    • Sales kit for product features, solution & benefits
    • Certification ready like CE for local Homologation
    • Necessary product training  and education to Disti
    • Discount sample  for Disti to evaluate and promote
    • Remote diagnostics request by Disti for local country
    Announcement & Promotion
    • Done by Disti  within territory
    • Announce by website, media or email shot
    • Event introduction like  workshop, road show
    • New project register and tracking 
    Verification & Homologation
    • Done By Disti within territory
    • Product  function specification market pre-review
    • Local environment verification & compatibility Test
    • Bug duplicate  for vendor’s remote diagnostics
    • Local Homologation application for Disti’s import
    • Product Evaluation by ranking website or magazine
  • New Product Pre-sales
    • New Product Ready
    • Verification & Certification
    • Announcement & Promotion
    • Project Register and Control
    Marketing Activities
    • Brand Sustaining Co-works
    • Create more Sales Revenue
    • Vendor Strategy and Subsidy
    • Disti Plan and Implementation
    • Web/Event/Direct  based activity
    Price Policy
    • Price with Value Added Profit
    • Manageable Price Table
    • Special Event Discount
    • Goal Achieved Incentive
  • Category Selection
    Product Series Selection
  • Distribution Territory
    • Distribution territory definition
    • Distribution rights within territory
    • Distribution restriction in territory
    Product Category
    • Category selection
    • Product series selection
    • Smart office, business,  city industry, vehicle, bonding
    Right & Obligation
    • Distribution Obligation
    • Distribution Right
    • Distribution Restriction
  • Interesting & Contact


    • Enthusiasm for wireless M2M-IoT
    • Contact with AMIT by web or mail
    • AMIT visit & introduction
    • Plan market segment to involve
    Evaluation & Application
    • Product evaluation
    • Market feasibility study
    • Application form filled
    • Business term discussing
    Agreement & Partnership
    • New biz market , sale, resource plan
    • Authorized Agreement signed
    • Partnership build on win-win policy
    • Sales kit and partner train program 
    Strategy & Action
    • Strategy define and solid action
    • Resource  & know-how accumulated
    • In-time response for market need 
    Review & Improvement
    • Regular business review meeting
    • Root cause finding and action improve
    • Strategy modified and goal re-build
    Congratulation& Cheers
    • Incentive rebate when goal achieved
    • Market catching and profit fast growing
    • Semi-annual meeting for business expand
  • New Product
    • Product early access and feedback improve
    • New product market leading announcement
    • New product knowledge education & training
    Sales & Marketing
    • Complete sales kit for authorized partners only
    • Partner only sales Incentive for goal achieved
    • High priority for register projects when conflict
    • Joint market activity and market fund subsidy
    Price and Cost
    • Discount samples for evaluation and promotion
    • Partners only price table with volume discount
    • Special price support for promotion or tender bid
    Business Operation
    • High priority order processing when factory capacity jam
    • High priority tech support for project requirement
    • Credit period upgrade after evaluation to expand sales 
    • High priority RMA service and spare parts support for swap
  • If you are wholesaler or a Value-added Distributor
    • Importing capability and warehouses
    • Nation-wide dealership & integrator relation
    • Commitment to develop and grow in M2M IoT market
    • Experienced in IT, Wireless, Industry, Telcom , Network
    • A strong technical expertise & customer service focus
    If you are a System Integrator or Solution Provider


    • Upgrade current solution with more wireless connectivity
    • Ambition to engage in M2M IoT project  for Smart City, Industry, Vehicle, Business and Office
    • Experienced in IT, Wireless, Industry, Telcom , Network
    • A strong technical expertise & customer service focus 
  • CPP Introduction – Channel Management
    • Distribution Territory
    • Product Category
    • Right & Obligation
    CPP Introduction – Business Development
    • New Product Pre-sales
    • Market activity
    • Price Policy
    CPP Introduction – Business Operation
    • Shipment and Acceptance
    • Finance Facility
    • Warranty & RMA
    CPP Introduction – Customer Satisfaction
    • Education & Training
    • Technical Support
    • Customer Satisfaction
    CPP Introduction– Business Management
    • Business Goal
    • Sales Forecast
    • Business Review
    CPP Introduction– Regulation Definition
    • Proprietary Rights
    • General Provision
    • Notice & Duration
  • Sales Result & Forecast
    • Sales revenue, quota achieved review
    • Finance facility, payment , credit review
    • Sales Forecast& Stock  Review
    Product and Marketing
    • Market Activity Review
    • Register Project Status Review
    • Market Requirement Review
    Customer Service
    • Quality of technical support
    • Quality of RMA service:
    • Ordering and logistic process